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Fences 4.07.02 Release Feedback Thead
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Fences 4 Upgrade FAQ
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Fences Changelog
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Getting Started with Fences - 3 Part Quick Tips Video Series
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Fences Support FAQ
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Fences 4 crashs explorer.exe
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Differences between Fences 3 and Fences 4?
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Fences 4 upgrade Licens issue?
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Error (0xc000007b)
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Fences 4 still has the disappearing wallpaper problem
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update to a new directory - will it screw thing up?
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Fences not starting at boot after last update / purge / reinstall
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After Fences installation, cursor keeps moving to top of any list in an Explorer window
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Double Clicking a document crashes Fences 4
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can't upgrade and false pricing in your promo email
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Fences won't enable
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Translucent Background Stops Partway Down
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Scaling potral in Win11
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Fresh Installation of Fences 4 over Win11 is not working
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Fences 4 update has broken it: No longer works
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Fences causes my screen background to randomly go black
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Transfer fences from old to new laptop
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Fences3 disabled
8 Replies
Fences 4 can't handle 4K monitors - Stardock-Support don't want to know anything about it
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