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Object Desktop Manager Beta 4.02
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Object Desktop Support FAQ
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Cannot fine install file
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Unable to activate my License
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What is the lastest version (beta and otherwise)
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Start10 keeps on wanting an update.
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User Manuals
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I bought this for running on Windows 11 and most don't work and are buggy. I have uninstalled it for now
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When I try to run Object Desktop I get "Problem Setting Up Automatic Updates" error
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Compatibility issues
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Send activation code to the wrong email.
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Icon Packager context menu - where to find in registry?
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Application Error on Execution
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cant update Start 11 to latest version
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Object Desktop Manager (Solved)
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Keeps showing Start11 Beta needs update
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Renewal price and new customer price the same?
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Default windows 11 taskbar messed up after start11 trial
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No turn off options?
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Start-11 taskbar pushed to right
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