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Multiplicity 3.57 Release Issue Report Thread
24 Replies
Stardock's Multiplicity is Now Available on Steam
12 Replies
Multiplicity Changelog
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Multiplicity Support FAQ
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Setting up Multiplicity Seamless and KVM Mode
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Any way to run a script when the PC focus changes
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Mouse alignment
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Multiplicity KVM
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Multiplicity steam edition questions
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Multiplicity Audio occasionally stops
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Keyboards Layouts SYNC (bug)
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VPS - Dark Screen
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Run in a Wine Bottle
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Cannot Copy/Paste with Multiplicity 3.44 KVM Build 00090
11 Replies
Multilicity of issues dealt with on multiple months
9 Replies
Installed but doesn't function
2 Replies
Any DLL Call or methods to determin what computer has focus?
6 Replies
Switch input to other pc, send predefined keystrokes, and swap back to previous pc
2 Replies
Backspace Key activate CTRL - ALT - DEL on the secondary
3 Replies
Cntrl Press 3 Time for Key broadcasting
2 Replies
Mouse Will Not Move to Secondary Screen
3 Replies
I cannot see KVM in multiplicity
5 Replies
Passcode ? Is this the computer password?
4 Replies
Slow/Laggy mouse on secondary computer with Multiplicity
25 Replies
Cannot KVM connect to second computer.
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