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Stardock App Compatibility
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Managing your Stardock account
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Draw box to create fence but No create fence option is available?
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Fences 3 "Explorer not closed properly" error
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Object Desktop Running on Windows 11 ARM Processors
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Multiplicity 3.60 Release Feedback Thread
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Problem installing Multiplicity 3.6 Build
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6 Replies
All of a sudden Fences or Windows moves my icons from the left monitor to the right monitor!
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Fences need to unroll at the top layer
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Ability to roll up sideways
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Installation problem on replacement computer
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Pulling my leg
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Cannot be activated?!
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Windows 7 - Web site issue
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Fences 5 Release Preview Feedback Thread
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Fences 5.01 Beta Feedback Thread
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Fences Multi-Monitor Logging
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Fences folder opening compressed archives instead of usual programs
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Where are my snapshots with Fences 5?????????????????????????????
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Jumbled Icons on startup & Folder that doesn't remember its settings
7 Replies
Fences 5 fails to install
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