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what does 1 active intall means in start11 and fences 4
0 Replies
Continuos crashing on Windows 10 x64 20H2
40 Replies
Resizable Window
3 Replies
Eliminar Fondo de Pantalla
4 Replies
Fences 4 issue - fences change size
3 Replies
Apply "Icon Size" in a fence to all subsequent folders in that fence
8 Replies
WC Community Question: What's Your Favorite Christmas and Winter Holiday Skins?
7 Replies
Theme Manager working now?
0 Replies
Fences to Fences 4
1 Replies
How do I stop Fences phoning home?
1 Replies
Fence disappeared
3 Replies
Folder Portal Preventing Me From Moving \ Cut&Paste Folders In Windows?
4 Replies
All remote computers show black screen on Primary
4 Replies
all folder portals are empty
4 Replies
Share Your December Desktops with the WinCustomize Community!
0 Replies
Windows 11 can no longer be controlled
2 Replies
Windows Explorer crashes with Fences 2.13 on Windows 10 Home x64
14 Replies
Start10 issues
1 Replies
Do I need to have OD running to use its programs?
2 Replies
Fences 3.0 Exporer crash loop
12 Replies
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