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(QoL SUGGESTION) Give us an option to disable mouse buttons create fences!
0 Replies
Peek Doesn't Work on Windows 11 Pro 24H2
5 Replies
Multiplicity 3.60 Release Feedback Thread
30 Replies
Fences 5.54 Release Feedback Thread
8 Replies
Icon groups hide themselves
3 Replies
AI Desktop Art/Wallpapers 2024
378 Replies
LightStar Design Windowblinds Themes
594 Replies
Win + Tilde
1 Replies
Start11 2.08 Release Bugs
6 Replies
Fence colors
4 Replies
Move all items on Desktop that are NOT in a Fence
2 Replies
Fences v5.53 - fences do not scale accordingly with a screen geometry/resolution
3 Replies
Upon automatic upgrade, Fences is now prompting for an activation key, but the key(s) I use come back invalid
10 Replies
1 Replies
How to recover a Missing Fence?
1 Replies
Windows CoPilot+ PCs
4 Replies
ObjectDock Icons Missing and Adding Folder to Library results in an Error
7 Replies
paid for software twice doesn't show up anywhere
3 Replies
Upgrade Fences
6 Replies
Start 11 v2 - 2nd monitor not allowed to go full screen
5 Replies
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