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Windows boot configuration data file corrupted during Fences uninstall
1 Replies
Download impossible
2 Replies
Configure Fences missing from context menu (right-click) after purge and re-install
1 Replies
Window 11 Fences moves to primary screen on booting
2 Replies
Desktop screen periodically turns to black behind Windows screen image
18 Replies
Don't want updates popup
23 Replies
Any way to run a script when the PC focus changes
3 Replies
Microsoft Updates Windows Health Check App
0 Replies
Ability to roll up sideways
2 Replies
Mouse alignment
13 Replies
Is it possible in Start10 to group all Fences together?
2 Replies
Taskbars - Windows 10 vs Windows 11
4 Replies
Halloween Animated Wallpapers for Your Windows Desktop
2 Replies
Not Installing - Restrictions Issue
15 Replies
Fences has detected that explorer was not closed properly
34 Replies
DeskScape V11 Beta 4 background/settings reset every 2-3 days
11 Replies
thinking about Multiplicity
2 Replies
Multiplicity KVM
3 Replies
Stardock Fences does not play nice with LaunchBox
2 Replies
offline activation .req vs .resp
6 Replies
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