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Star Control: Sequel Wishlist
35 Replies
Star Control: Origins v1.5 opt-in
6 Replies
Master Changelog List - Star Control: Origins
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The Star Control FAQ
65 Replies
Star Control Discord Server
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Star Control on Social Media
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[BUG] gamepad controllers
7 Replies
can't launch
4 Replies
Bug: Black Screen after Communication Satellite Drone Fight
3 Replies
Black Screen Bug After "Fate of the Sacra" Fight with v1.5
8 Replies
Crashing when talking to different aliens
4 Replies
Fleet Battles anyone?
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Frequent Crashes to Desktop in Melee
3 Replies
Star Control: Origins v1.5 opt-in.
5 Replies
Starflight 3 looking for backers
21 Replies
Any News on the Console Versions
20 Replies
Lander Armor Bug
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Star Control Origins
4 Replies
Casinos at some Starbases to gamble for Ressources or RU
1 Replies
Graphical bug introduced after v1.40.67223
1 Replies
[Chapter 3 SCO DLC Mission] No Going Back After this Point?
3 Replies
What is next?
13 Replies
Star Control: End of 2020 status report
3 Replies
StarControl Origins Bugs
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SC: Origins freezes after opening cutscenes
29 Replies
Technical problem: ship based dialogue
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