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Surviving the world of the Fallen Enchantress
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Poor Relias…
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FE: Pre-Beta UI preview
18 Replies
AI vs. Kir-Talax Episode 2
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Random Debug videos
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AI vs. Tar Froglar Games: Episode 2
52 Replies
AI: Testing Difficulty Levels
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December 26: Threshold
16 Replies
To those who went before us…
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Champions may not die, but they might wish they had
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FE: Promises, promises
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The cave is frightening
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Random worlds make things…interesting
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Even I hadn’t seen this before
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FE Video: Every tile matters
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I think I made a wrong turn
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AI: Thing’s I’ve got that you don’t
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Some pre-beta video blogging of FE’s economy
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Anyway we could get a handfull of videos or pics or something to last us over the 4 day weekend?
11 Replies
A Powerful Warrior he was
19 Replies
FE: Wild Lands
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