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Surviving the world of the Fallen Enchantress
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AI: Writing writing writing
62 Replies
Tactical battle: Pure AI
67 Replies
FE 0.80 random notes
83 Replies
More Beta testing of 0.80
57 Replies
AI: Closing the deal
60 Replies
FE 0.80: AI Test Game
59 Replies
There are 175 potential *tactical spells* in FE so far
28 Replies
A Reminder: FE will be terrible and give you a disease
136 Replies
FE Pre-Beta: Today’s Screenshots
42 Replies
Poor Relias…
12 Replies
FE: Pre-Beta UI preview
18 Replies
AI vs. Kir-Talax Episode 2
22 Replies
Random Debug videos
30 Replies
AI vs. Tar Froglar Games: Episode 2
52 Replies
AI: Testing Difficulty Levels
55 Replies
December 26: Threshold
16 Replies
To those who went before us…
33 Replies
Champions may not die, but they might wish they had
53 Replies
FE: Promises, promises
169 Replies
The cave is frightening
35 Replies
Random worlds make things…interesting
40 Replies
Even I hadn’t seen this before
21 Replies
FE Video: Every tile matters
22 Replies
I think I made a wrong turn
29 Replies
AI: Thing’s I’ve got that you don’t
83 Replies
Some pre-beta video blogging of FE’s economy
52 Replies
Anyway we could get a handfull of videos or pics or something to last us over the 4 day weekend?
11 Replies
A Powerful Warrior he was
19 Replies
FE: Wild Lands
40 Replies
Dealing with a dangerous world
29 Replies
I’m a hater
34 Replies
Derek vs. AI v0.26
40 Replies
A little less AI pain
27 Replies
How memory was saved in Fallen Enchantress
24 Replies
More AI pain for me
95 Replies
How far debugging has come
6 Replies
Character Portraits
18 Replies
It’s not that I have to blame Derek, it’s that I can…
16 Replies
Brad’s land of AI pain and suffering
29 Replies
Random Stuff
11 Replies
A dangerous world
16 Replies
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