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Surviving the world of the Fallen Enchantress
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Destiny’s Embers: Sneak peek
25 Replies
My favorite Legendary Heroes screenshots
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Some maps I’ve been working on
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Fallen Enchantress–Legendary Heroes screenshots
34 Replies
About a week left
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Fallen Enchantress v1.3 fun
103 Replies
Fallen Enchantress / Legendary Heroes side by side
33 Replies
AI Wars: Evaluation
51 Replies
Have you met Mimbly?
21 Replies
Playing FE on the Mac
13 Replies
Fallen Enchantress: We can do it!
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Autoresolving for fun and profit
18 Replies
Friday Night build impressions
37 Replies
And your little dog too!
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Fallen Enchantress: Gameplay Guide
14 Replies
Do you have a favorite quest?
24 Replies
Font Wars: Episode XXI
38 Replies
Dungeons and Act III
37 Replies
Play Testing a post Beta 4 build
16 Replies
Those magnificent bastards
20 Replies
There’s a new bad guy
2 Replies
Races and Factions of Elemental
34 Replies
Beta 4: Animation system
13 Replies
Quest Editor
33 Replies
29 Replies
Sometimes bugs are...are more than errors....they're just wrong
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NON-CLOTH MAP zoomed out
32 Replies
Brad’s random FE Beta 3 opinions
53 Replies
Multi-Tile City discussion
82 Replies
Other views on city snakes
128 Replies
FE Beta 3 screenshots
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Auto Resolve vs. Auto Tactical vs. Human tactical
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FE: Random video tests of 0.87
19 Replies
Magic gets magical in FE Beta 3
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Grrrrr. AI
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FE Screenshot of the day: April 4
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FE gets Smart Exception support
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Woha, new internal build
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Media Tour, Day 1
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Multi-Core AI
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He’s blind!
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FE screenshot of the day: 3/21/2012
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When do we let the modders go crazy?
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Video play-through 3.15.12
54 Replies
March 14 quickie video
39 Replies
Per object multisampling
22 Replies
Fun with MIP levels
8 Replies
AI and Monster Lairs
33 Replies
Notes from the field: Fixing fixing fixing
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Stupid optimization
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