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Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes v2.5 (Hotpatch May 16th)
2 Replies
Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes v2.5 (Released May 10th)
0 Replies
Fallen Enchantress / Legendary Heroes Support FAQ
0 Replies
[Work in progress] A newbie guide to Fallen Enchantress.
94 Replies
Links to Fallen Enchantress Resources/Information
14 Replies
Fallen Enchantress Forum Rules
6 Replies
Fallen Enchantress Spellbook
29 Replies
Fallen Enchantress Manual
102 Replies
Fallen Enchantress Guide Collection
38 Replies
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Up to date info and future direction?
3 Replies
Early in the game one of my AI opponents seemed to just explode with power and has led the rest of the game. Why?
1 Replies
Is there a discord channel where this is still being discussed?
0 Replies
No first aid for unit who should be able to cast it?
0 Replies
Is there any way to "pair" a treaty offer with a resource offer?
0 Replies
Constant crashing - Every 5-10 turns?
1 Replies
Crashes, corrupted files, and bears oh my!
3 Replies
I Want to Include My Own Music while Playing
1 Replies
Fallen Enchantress
11 Replies
Fallen Enchantress v2.51
4 Replies
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