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Dracula - What was the last book you read?
49 Replies
Why Kindle will fail as a device, succeed as a format.
42 Replies
where to go after wheel of time and game of thrones(A Song of fire and ice) series
56 Replies
Immortals 2011 Movie sucked or what?
21 Replies
0 Replies
Disney Buys LucasFilm, Announces Episode 7
104 Replies
Supra TK Society Shoes Blue Sliver With Low Price
0 Replies
Now Cable-Free
52 Replies
Goodbye Kindle. Looking Back, You Were Just OK.
20 Replies
James bond, Skyfall... Who will be going to see it?
17 Replies
Flock of Dodos
139 Replies
Mickey Mouse Nike Dunks Shoes On Sale
0 Replies
Just Watch And Be Amazed!!!!!
2 Replies
Expendables poster
8 Replies
Movie Premiere!
1 Replies
Top 5 Star Trek TNG episodes
43 Replies
I recommend "Adrenaline Nation" by Peter McCarthy.
2 Replies
Regarding: "Sage-ing While Age-ing" and "I'm Over All That" and "Out on a Limb".
6 Replies
Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon
8 Replies
Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers (aka “Car Talk”) Retiring
5 Replies
Movies vs Animated Movies
14 Replies
Dark Knight Rises Spoiler thread
32 Replies
Falling Skies Season II
33 Replies
Why do people "need" spoilers?
42 Replies
Theory of the Prometheus Movie
82 Replies
The Dark Knight Rides Greyhound...?
0 Replies
The President and First Lady
0 Replies
Movie Review: Moonrise Kingdom
0 Replies
What Warhammer 40k books should I start with?
23 Replies
Trivial Avengers closing scene question
9 Replies
The Fountain?
7 Replies
Fringe Season 4 Episode 19 Airs today 20th/April!!
18 Replies
Glee is a "beautiful message about reality, about what really happens nowaday with kids"
20 Replies
Great low budget sci-fi serie
6 Replies
Ugh, what is it about Star Wars “fans”
43 Replies
Star Trek TNG HD!!!
12 Replies
Brilliant sci-fi shows i missed somehow
44 Replies
Warrior 2011 Movie is the ****** Bomb
2 Replies
Spartacus: Vengeance, Episode One available NOW
8 Replies
Black Canary...
1 Replies
Norwegian Wood
0 Replies
The Walking Thread [spoilers]
1 Replies
Doctor Who - The Christmas Special
55 Replies
Terra Nova s1 and Fringe s4 bring back scifi/adventure:fall 2011
28 Replies
Finaly the vulcans are an endangered species in Star Trek 2009. I can finally safely say>>>
38 Replies
Jedi Ninjas!!!! Team2X
3 Replies
0 Replies
Into WW2 atm
1 Replies
Ringer: Sarah Michelle Gellar finally got out of that Scooby Contract!
6 Replies
ComiXology is dooming comic book stores
2 Replies
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