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Books - Where the bad guys win
28 Replies
so i spotted sins of a solar empire being played in continuum!
9 Replies
All Right Chuck, Top This!!!!
11 Replies
Indie authors vs. published authors
10 Replies
Very Short Star Wars question
15 Replies
I inadvertantly opened up two steam accounts, and can't aces the other one
1 Replies
The Man of Steel thread
40 Replies
Battlestar Galactica
7 Replies
The Walking dead...
20 Replies
For those that missed it today on TV, Dr Who Day Of The Doctor in theatres Monday 11/25/13
6 Replies
25 Best Movie Villains
34 Replies
Ender's Game the movie
5 Replies
"Judging Amy" Re-runs
1 Replies
Review: One Second After
90 Replies
R.I.P. Michael Ansara (Kang in Star Trek, Elric B5, Cochise, The Blue Djinn, voice of Mr Freeze, etc...)
9 Replies
Who's the Quickest Draw?
26 Replies
The Wolverine thread
4 Replies
falling skies season 3
9 Replies
Gravity. Holy S@##!!, Did You See That!!!!
12 Replies
33 Replies
The World War Zed thread [OK, 'Zee']
54 Replies
Riddick Movie (2013)
15 Replies
The Star Trek Into Darkness thread
90 Replies
Blake's 7 remake
27 Replies
The most enjoyable book you've ever read that people you like and respect really trashed
15 Replies
The Oblivion movie thread
14 Replies
I need a new TV series to watch
179 Replies
The Ironman 3 thread
23 Replies
Have you ever walked about on a movie?
54 Replies
The most disappointing book you ever read, after high recommendations.
48 Replies
Colorized Casablanca and The Thing. Where are they?
16 Replies
The Hobbit movie thread
48 Replies
JJ Abrams Set To Direct Star Wars Episode VII...Nerds Crash Internet...Confirmed.
8 Replies
Brad’s bookshelf: February 2011
32 Replies
The Human Reach, an Hard Sci-Fi Series by John Lumpkin
4 Replies
My Low Budget Theater
14 Replies
Some books I have thoroughly enjoyed
7 Replies
Oldest person
14 Replies
A Memory of Light - Who's Reading it Already & Thoughts?
5 Replies
Weird and The New Weird
8 Replies
0 Replies
Self-Published "Novelette"
2 Replies
6 Replies
MST3King Bible Man
3 Replies
“World without End”
0 Replies
Dracula - What was the last book you read?
49 Replies
Why Kindle will fail as a device, succeed as a format.
42 Replies
where to go after wheel of time and game of thrones(A Song of fire and ice) series
56 Replies
Immortals 2011 Movie sucked or what?
21 Replies
0 Replies
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